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Finance Intern

Entreprise : CareerDC

Nature : stage
Secteur : Audit, Conseil

Discipline : Finance Internship| Brisbane

Mission :
Learning objectives during the internship:
Estimate costs of delivering the project as accurately as possible including:
Staffing costs - costs of staff needed to develop and deliver the project based on FTE (full - time equivalent). When using an hourly or daily rate, you will need to factor in any employee entitlements (eg: leave loading or superannuation)
Capital costs - costs of purchasing assets, including IT, buildings, fit out or major equipment and depreciation. Straight line is a single, unadjusted rate over the period of life of the asset. For example, if an asset has an agreed life of five years, the depreciation allowance would be 20% per annum of the original cost.
Consumables - costs of items which will be used in the project, such as, course/event collateral and stationery. Do the math and use local suppliers.
Marketing costs - costs of advertising, printing, promotion etc.
Contract costs - costs to be paid to third parties for components of the project, eg engaging a consultant.
Overheads to cover any costs of staff leave, staff entitlements, fit out, accommodation, costs of electricity and other known items
Ensure your budget is detailed and include everything from stationery to promotion to equipment.
Add in a percentage for administration or project costs.
Support for project
Drafting relevant letters of support from organisations and individuals
Obtain statistics to support the application as well as quoting influential persons.

If interested please send a resume :

Pays : AU
Ville : Brisbane
Début : 10/08/16
Durée si stage : entre 3 et 6 mois
Offre publiée le : 27/07/16

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Adresse : 235 New South Head Road 2027 Edgecliff
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