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Chief Talent & Happiness Officer

Entreprise : SPARTED

Nature : stage
Secteur : Internet, e-business

Discipline : RH

Mission :
? Drive Talent acquisition and personal development by overseeing relations with schools, recruitment platforms, expertise networks, by recruiting/sourcing new profiles and monitoring recruitment, integration, evolution, per- sonal development and fulfillment of contributors
? Strengthen culture and mindset by organizing events, entertaining activities and parties, by creating traditions and proposing ideas for arrangement and furnishing, decoration and graphical creation
? Foster and bring happiness by giving good and fresh ambiance, environment and working conditions to the team, always have new feel-good ideas to propose

Full Description:

Pays : FR
Ville : Paris
Début : 01/01/18
Durée si stage : entre 5 et 6 mois
Indemnités : 540
Offre publiée le : 02/10/17

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Contact :
Camille Biscay
Tél :
Site internet :
Adresse : 45 Avenue Kléber 75116 Paris
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Partenaire : associations etudiantes