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Business Intelligence Internship


Nature : stage
Secteur : Internet, e-business

Discipline : Marketing / Business

Mission :
Our partner is a company which enables its customers to find the perfect rental car by comparing all well-known car rental companies for all destinations worldwide.

With your role as a Business Intelligence Intern, you will support the BI Team in Berlin. You will help the teams to develop, implement and maintain sustainable, high-performance, growth-ready, data-processing and data integration systems.

Missions :

- Planning, structuring of strategic and operating projects
- Development of ideas concerning marketing and coverage (offline and online)
- Analysis concerning competition and segments and thus developing options for action
- Preparation of graphics and presentations as well as document management and checking offerings concerning formal aspects
- Market research and analysis of existing brands as well as screenings of industries and deep researching topics
- Systematic research, analysis and post-processing related to decision- making process and strategic option for action

Pays : DE
Ville : Berlin
Début : 10/01/18
Durée si stage : entre 4 et 6 mois
Indemnités : 500
Offre publiée le : 10/01/18

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